Sunday, December 30, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday December 30, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 2,877 (3,075), +SAP 516 (551), +Microsoft 476 (483)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,191 (1,437), +SAP 97 (103), +Microsoft 324 (406)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,785 (2,008), +SAP 347 (351), +Microsoft 416 (450)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 937 (999), +SAP 198 (204), +Microsoft 124 (143)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

8 Signs It's Time to Look for a New IT Job

A reminder from Thomas Hoffman on ComputerWorld entitled "8 Signs It's Time to Look for a New Job"
  1. Your role has become marginalized
  2. You've stopped growing
  3. You're missing from the big picture
  4. You're being excluded
  5. Your level of influence is waning
  6. You no longer enjoy the work
  7. Continuous improvement isn't part of the mantra
  8. Greener pastures truly are greener

UNISYS Headquarters Coming to Center City

UNISYS, with it's roots stemming from Univ. of Penn., is replanting headquarters inside Two Liberty Place in Center City Philadelphia. As a result of the move from Blue Bell, 225 management jobs will be relocated to Center City, while about 2,000 more or so UNISYS employees will continue working in the Philadelphia region, but outside of Center City.

"We wanted to change the face of Unisys to our clients and partners, and to people we're recruiting," Unisys chief executive officer Joseph McGrath said in an interview yesterday. After 35 years in a former computer factory, "we need a high-tech space."

8 Ways to Boost Your IT Career in 2008

A good article by Mary K. Pratt on ComputerWorld: "8 Ways to Boost Your Career in '08"
  1. Incorporate security into your responsibilities
  2. Re-engineer processes
  3. Use analytics to guide business decisions
  4. Be more versatile
  5. Work on multifunctional programs and multidisciplinary teams
  6. Beef up your business skills
  7. Be more accountable
  8. Manage your own career

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday December 23, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,035 (3,088), +SAP 566 (545), +Microsoft 491 (471)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,410 (1,460), +SAP 106 (102), +Microsoft 397 (407)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,940 (2,027), +SAP 352(357), +Microsoft 457 (440)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 969 (1,009), +SAP 202 (207), +Microsoft 121 (148)

IT Industry News and Job Listings on

I saw this advertised in Sunday's Inquirer and it appears to be a pretty good resource for IT industry jobs and news in Philly:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday December 16, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,038 (3,115), +SAP 562 (534), +Microsoft 489 (466)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,391 (1,531), +SAP 100 (106), +Microsoft 411 (412)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,990 (2,043), +SAP 347 (344), +Microsoft 457 (437)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 990 (1,072), +SAP 208 (211), +Microsoft 136 (160)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

5 IT Jobs Among 30 Fastest-Growing Occupations 2006-2016

According to last week's latest jobs forecast from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), five IT jobs were named among the "30 fastest-growing occupations" expected from 2006 through 2016:

1) Network systems and data communications, +53.4%
4) Computer software engineers, +44.6%
23) Computer systems analysts, +29%
24) Database administrators, 28.6%
25) Computer software engineers, 28.2%

Eastern Technology Council - 2007 Enterprise Awards

Congratulations to this year's Eastern Technology Council Enterprise Award winners:

Legend Award for Lifetime Achievement: Warren V. “Pete” Musser
Enterpriser Award for World-Class Talent Award: University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Technology Startup Company: Verilogue
Emerging Technology Company: LiquidHub
Technology CEO of the Year: Robert Carr, Heartland Payment Systems
Technology Company of the Year: AppLabs
Life Sciences Startup Company: Avid Radiopharmaceuticals
Emerging Life Sciences Company: Protez Pharmaceuticals
Life Sciences Company of the Year: Auxilium Pharmaceuticals
Life Sciences CEO of the Year: Matthew Emmens, Shire Pharmaceuticals
CIO of the Year : John A. Bielec, PhD, Drexel University

Companies to Watch:
Maxwell Systems
Onconova Therapeutics
PChem Associates
Portico Systems
Topaz Pharmaceuticals

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday December 9, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,100 (3,154), +SAP 557 (526), +Microsoft 477 (473)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,477 (1,577), +SAP 118 (105), +Microsoft 408 (425)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 2,040 (2,064), +SAP 358 (325), +Microsoft 449 (437)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1044 (1,118), +SAP 205 (216), +Microsoft 158 (161)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Test for IT Jobs with the State

As per the PA State Civil Service Commission website:


The SCSC plans to issue Test Announcement Number 2007-060, beginning November 30, until further notice, for the following information technology (IT) occupations:

Distributed Systems Specialist 1 & 2
Applications Developer 1 & 2
Information Technology Generalist 1 & 2
Database Analyst
Distributed Systems Specialist Supervisor
Distributed Systems Administrator 1
Applications Developer Supervisor
Applications Developer 3
Information Technology Generalist Supervisor
Information Technology Generalist Administrator 1

The announcement is being issued to increase the candidate pool for agencies faced with the potential loss of IT skills due to retirements, promotions, and resignations.

Beginning November 30, 2007, interested candidates can apply online at:

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday December 2, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,125 (3,174), +SAP 519 (518), +Microsoft 474 (479)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,468 (1,604), +SAP 89 (112), +Microsoft 406 (435)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 2,063 (2,075), +SAP 345 (307), +Microsoft 437 (441)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 991 (1,178), +SAP 201 (225), +Microsoft 155 (160)

Monday, November 26, 2007

INGDirect - Huge IT Job Fair - Nov.28

ING DIRECT is hosting their annual IT Career Fair on November 28th from 4-7pm at their Wilmington, Delaware location. See some of their openings below!

- JAVA DEVELOPERS (Senior Level, Technical Lead,Project Lead, Leader)

Visit to find out more and get directions. Can't make it? Apply online for openings at

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday November 18, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,089 (3,206), +SAP 542 (512), +Microsoft 443 (486)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,502 (1,635), +SAP 101 (120), +Microsoft 402 (447)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 2,014 (2,124), +SAP 378 (305), +Microsoft 417 (455)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,012 (1,228), +SAP 215 (230), +Microsoft 142 (160)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Salaries Going up in 2008 for IT Workers

According to the recently released "Robert Half Technology 2008 Salary Guide", salaries for IT professionals in the U.S. are expected to increase an average of 5.3% in 2008. The financial services, healthcare and commercial construction industries are forecasting particularly strong demand for IT professionals in 2008. For Lead Developers, it is shaping up to be an excellent year with the greatest expected starting salary gains of any job classification in 2008, with base compensation expected to rise 7.6 percent, to between $80,250 and $108,000 annually. This article on TechCareers touches on it too.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday November 18, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,147 (3,199), +SAP 517 (501), +Microsoft 469 (493)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,678 (1,642), +SAP 115 (112), +Microsoft 433 (460)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 2,055 (2,151), +SAP 294 (318), +Microsoft 443 (465)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,240 (1,229), +SAP 221 (234), +Microsoft 183 (152)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eleven Tips to Retain Employees in the Technology Industry

In the October issue of Talent Management magazine, Mike Janis, founder and CEO of HCR Software Solutions, shares 11 tips on how to retain technology employees. Mr.Janis began his technology career in 1966, so there is a good chance you'll find his ideas well worth investigating:

1. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit.
2. Hire Only the Best.
3. Find Your Replacement.
4. Learn From Other Executives and Managers.
5. Purify, Purify, Purify.
6. Provide a Long Leash, but Apply a Quick Trigger.
7. Create a Void versus Keeping Low-Level Performers Onboard.
8. It's a Volunteer Army.
9. Bad News is Like Fish — the Older it Gets, the More it Smells.
10. Create "Raving Fans" From Your Customers.
11. The Monthly Activity Report.

Monday, November 12, 2007

2007 ComputerWorld Salary Survey Results

You can see ComputerWorld's 2007 Salary Survey results for the Mid-Atlantic region here:

CIO / VP of IT: $209,414
Director of IT / IS: $121,579
IT / IS manager: $98,660
Programming / application development manager: $107,020
Project manager: $108,629
Database administrator: $90,860
Help desk / technical support specialist: $49,090
IT / IS technology / business systems analyst: $66,292
Software engineer: $95,042
Systems administrator: $73,167
Systems analyst: $66,911
Senior systems analyst: $90,331

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday November 11, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,255 (3,185), +SAP 525 (483), +Microsoft 507 (490)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,661 (1,656), +SAP 113 (111), +Microsoft 447 (481)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 2,108 (2,168), +SAP 272 (338), +Microsoft 459 (470)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,228 (1,225), +SAP 226 (239), +Microsoft 165 (150)

Friday, November 9, 2007

IT Recruiters Tapping Into Social Networks

Although 7 in 10 recruiters said job boards provided a better quality of candidates, and only 9 percent saw social networking as providing the most appropriate candidates, 58 percent of IT recruitment firms polled by the Association of Technology Staffing Companies believe sites like FaceBook and LinkedIn are more useful in finding staff than traditional print advertisements.

You can read the full article on PCWorld here: "Tech Recruiters Turn to Facebook"

Hudson Employment Index - IT Workers Still Very Happy, But a Bit Less So

Here is an article on that discusses the slight downtick in IT worker sentiment for October, as reported in the monthly Hudson Employment Index survey results.

Each month, Hudson phone surveys about 9,000 workers across several sectors, including more than 400 IT and telecom professionals. These monthly scores measuring worker sentiment are compared with a base rating of 100 established in 2004, and available online here:

Information Technology sector, National:

Philadelphia Worker Sentiment:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Philly Technology Fast 50 and Rising Stars

Deloitte has released the searchable online list of Technology Fast 50 and Rising Star companies in the Greater Philadelphia area for 2007. Congratulations to all!

The top 5 of the Fast 50 are:
1), Inc. - +6,099%, Rich Milgram, King of Prussia, PA
2) AirClic Inc. - +5,895%, Tim Bradley, Newtown, PA
3) AppLabs, Inc. - +3,683%, Sashi Reddi, Philadelphia, PA
4) I-trax, Inc. -,069%, R. Dixon Thayer, Chadds Ford, PA
5) ViroPharma Incorporated - +2,919%, Michel de Rosen, Exton, PA

And the 3 Rising Stars are:
1) NeatReceipts - +1,089%, Les Spero, Ph.D., Philadelphia, PA
2) Globus Medical, Inc. - +427%, David C. Paul, Audubon, PA
3) Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - http://http// +153%, Armando Anido, Malvern, PA

Huge Technology Fairs Coming Soon

On Wednesday, November 14, 2007, at the Radisson Piscataway (21 Kingsbridge Road) in Piscataway, NJ, will be hosting their annual "Celebrate Technology New Jersey!" Job Fair with over 50 companies expected to attend.


On Wednesday January 30, 2008, at the Crowne Plaza (260 Mall Blvd) in King of Prussia, Pa, will be hosting their first huge "Star Tech" technology career fair of the new year. Between 10am and 2:30pm, they expect between 800-1,200 local IT professionals to be in attendance as well as over 55 companies and organizations.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Technology's Greatest Challenge: Finding Enough Talent

Although Deloitte published "Growing their Own: Technology Fast 500 CEO Survey" earlier this year, it is still a timely read. The technology talent crunch is real, and not going away anytime soon.

In the survey of 546 CEOs in the 2007 Deloitte Technology Fast 500—a group of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies from each of the world’s three major regions, chronic shortages of talent was cited as one of their greatest concerns. According to their research, the biggest challenge to companies is "finding, hiring and retaining qualified employees."

Technology Fast 500 Announced

Congratulations to the 65 companies in PA, DE, & NJ that made this year's (2007) Technology Fast 500! Each year, Deloitte ranks the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies in North America based on percentage fiscal year revenue growth over five years (2002–2006). The winners were announced in late October.

According to their research, "The Northeastern United States is the high-tech leader with the largest average growth rate for its companies. Fast 500 companies in the Northeast had an average percentage growth of 2,169 percent, compared to 1,815 percent in 2006."

And, as for the regional origins of the 500 companies listed, the Northeastern United States made up the highest percentage of companies with 30 percent (152 companies), up from 28 percent (138 companies) in 2006, up from 25 percent (123 companies) in 2005 and up from 22 percent (110 companies) in 2004. Plus, the #1 ranked company, Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc., from New York, is located in the Northeast.

Here are the companies listed in ascending order, from PA, DE and NJ: (Rank, Company Name, Industry, 02 Revenues in thousands, 06 Revenues in thousands, 5-year % Growth, City, State, CEO Name)
XCEL Solutions Corp. Software 53 5,362 10,017% Matawan NJ Jit Goel
Palatin Technologies, Inc. Biotech/Pharmaceutical 281 19,749 6,928% Cranbury NJ Carl Spana, Ph.D.
Diverse Lynx, LLC Software 169 11,004 6,411% Metuchen NJ Shubhendra Varma
29, Inc. Software 141 8,740 6,099% King of Prussia PA Rich Milgram
First Tek Technologies, Inc. Software 325 18,730 5,663% North Brunswick NJ Satyakumar Bhavanasi
US Tech Solutions, Inc. Software 474 21,113 4,354% Jersey City NJ Manoj Agarwal
AppLabs, Inc. Software 1,302 49,251 3,683% Philadelphia PA Sashi P. Reddi, Ph.D.
I-trax, Inc. Software 3,932 124,589 3,069% Chadds Ford PA R. Dixon Thayer
Scivantage, Inc. Software 559 17,040 2,948% Jersey City NJ Adnane Charchour
ViroPharma Inc. Biotech/Pharmaceutical 5,537 167,181 2,919% Exton PA Michel De Rosen
AdminServer, Inc. Software 1,208 24,283 1,910% Chester PA Rick Connors
Adams Respiratory Therapeutics, Inc. Biotech/Pharmaceutical 13,755 239,105 1,638% Chester NJ Michael J. Valentino
INTTRA Internet 2,547 37,504 1,372% Parsippany NJ Ken Bloom
QlikTech International AB Software 3,417 44,184 1,193% Radnor PA Måns Hultman
TechDemocracy LLC Software 620 7,773 1,154% Edison NJ Srikiran Patibandla
DOV Pharmaceutical, Inc. Biotech/Pharmaceutical 2,390 25,951 986% Somerset NJ Barbara G. Duncan
PhotoMedex, Inc. Medical Equipment 3,274 33,190 914% Montgomeryville PA Jeffrey F. O’Donnell
TMG Health, Inc. Communications/Networking 7,484 73,500 882% King of Prussia PA John T. Tighe III
Health Market Science Software 1,851 17,608 851% King of Prussia PA Mark Brosso
PharmaNet Development Group Inc. Biotech/Pharmaceutical 42,800 406,955 851% Princeton NJ Jeffrey P. McMullen
Marlabs Inc. Software 7,494 71,000 847% Edison NJ Siby Vadakekkara
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Biotech/Pharmaceutical 2,836,000 26,475,000 834% Wilmington DE Tony P. Zook
Immunicon Corporation Biotech/Pharmaceutical 932 8,697 833% Huntingdon Valley PA Byron D. Hewett
GAIN Capital Group Internet 7,808 72,501 829% Bedminster NJ Glenn Stevens
Gestalt, LLC Software 3,706 33,188 796% Camden NJ William Loftus
Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. Software 8,185 72,406 785% Bridgewater NJ Stephen G. Waldis
Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. Software 1,911 16,795 779% Morristown NJ Bud Mayo
Artech Information Systems LLC Software 13,554 111,381 722% Cedar Knolls NJ Ranjini Poddar
Memory Pharmaceuticals Corp. Biotech/Pharmaceutical 1,183 9,322 688% Montvale NJ James R. Sulat
Makro Technologies, Inc. Software 3,745 29,265 681% Newark NJ Mahesh Malneedi
Lattice Inc. Communications/Networking 975 7,495 669% Pennsauken NJ Paul Burgess
EPAM Systems Software 9,186 70,000 662% Lawrenceville NJ Arkadiy Dobkin
Albridge Solutions, Inc. Software 4,431 33,584 658% Lawrenceville NJ Greg Pacholski
Caresoft Inc. Software $ 1,179 $ 8,867 652% Edison NJ Deepak Khare
Audible, Inc. Internet 12,220 81,688 568% Wayne NJ Donald R. Katz
Celgene Corporation Biotech/Pharmaceutical 135,746 898,873 562% Summit NJ Sol J. Barer, Ph.D.
Kaizen Technologies Inc. Software 1,296 8,198 533% Edison NJ Ashok Krishnaswamy
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. Software 229,086 1,424,267 522% Teaneck NJ Francisco D’Souza
Miro Consulting Inc. Software 1,405 8,496 505% Fords NJ Scott D. Rosenberg
Sensor Technologies Inc. Software 3,268 19,350 492% Red Bank NJ Michael Gualario
eTeam, Inc. Software 2,881 16,422 470% South Plainfield NJ Ben Thakur
HTH Worldwide Internet 5,930 33,270 461% Radnor PA Angelo Masciantonio
The Medicines Company Biotech/Pharmaceutical 38,301 213,952 459% Parsippany NJ Clive A. Meanwell, M.D., Ph.D.
InterDigital Communications/Networking 87,895 480,466 447% King of Prussia PA William J. Merritt
Vision Systems Group, Inc. Software 7,883 40,500 414% South Plainfield NJ Viswa Mandalapu
PAI Group, Inc. Software 5,187 25,733 396% Moorestown NJ Bill J. Scott
NetPixel, Inc. Software 4,358 21,029 383% Edison NJ Taj Haslani
Universal Display Corporation Computers/Peripherals 2,485 11,921 380% Ewing NJ Sherwin I. Seligsohn
Sparta Systems, Inc. Software 6,791 32,471 378% Holmdel NJ Ran Flam
Infocrossing, Inc. Computers/Peripherals 50,774 229,207 351% Leonia NJ Zach Lonstein
Orthovita, Inc. Medical Equipment 10,379 46,828 351% Malvern PA Antony Koblish
LiquidHub, Inc. Internet 7,699 34,606 349% King of Prussia PA Jonathan A. Brassington
I.D. Systems, Inc. Communications/Networking 5,544 24,740 346% Hackensack NJ Jeffrey M. Jagid
marketRx Inc. Software 7,568 32,205 326% Bridgewater NJ Jaswinder Singh Chadha
Octagon Research Solutions, Inc. Software 5,313 22,202 318% Wayne PA James C. Walker
Miles Technologies Communications/Networking 2,128 8,803 314% Moorestown NJ Chris Miles
LifeCell Corporation Biotech/Pharmaceutical 34,428 141,680 312% Branchburg NJ Paul G. Thomas
Redwood Analytics Inc. Software 2,300 9,375 308% Mt. Laurel NJ Jeffrey H. Steinberg
Electronic Control Security, Inc. Communications/Networking 2,304 8,822 283% Clifton NJ Arthur Barchenko
Berliner Communications, Inc. Communications/Networking 10,487 39,325 275% Elmwood Park NJ Richard B. Berliner
Bradley Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Biotech/Pharmaceutical 39,669 144,807 265% Fairfield NJ Daniel Glassman
Image Solutions, Inc. Software 8,116 29,581 264% Whippany NJ Jinsoo Kim
Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp. Medical Equipment 117,822 419,297 256% Plainsboro NJ Stuart M. Essig
CommVault Systems, Inc. Software 30,848 109,472 255% Oceanport NJ N. Robert Hammer
GSI Commerce, Inc. Internet 172,638 609,553 253% King of Prussia PA Michael G. Rubin

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday November 4, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,205 (3,177), +SAP 489 (472), +Microsoft 495 (486)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,573 (1,685), +SAP 120 (107), +Microsoft 447 (481)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 2,108 (2,168), +SAP 272 (338), +Microsoft 452 (485)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,232 (1,215), +SAP 236 (242), +Microsoft 150 (151)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The 3 Most Needed Non-Technical Skills

Along the lines of my last blog post "The 8 Most Needed Technical Skills by CIOs", here is a worthy article that addresses the increasingly important non-technical skillset that IT workers ought to be striving to attain:
  • Communication
  • Business Savvy
  • Management

In the article, according to Andy Klein, professor and associate director of business programs at DeVry, "Traditionally what happens to IT people and engineers is oftentimes they get stuck in what we call the back office,” Klein said. “What happens is they’ve got a relatively narrow set of important technical skills. But unless they have a broader management perspective, it’s very hard for them to get ahead."

The 8 Most Needed Technical Skills by CIOs

The eight technical skills most often cited by CIOs as being most needed within their IT departments:
  • Windows administration: 73%
  • Network administration: 70%
  • Database management: 60%
  • Firewall administration: 55%
  • Wireless network management: 52%
  • Business intelligence: 34%
  • ERP implementation: 22%
  • Microsoft .Net development: 22%
Source: Robert Half Technology's 2008 Salary Guide, from an August 2007 survey of 1,400 CIOs; multiple responses allowed.

This information was taken from the article "Career Watch: Job-Hunting Edition" on

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Philly Seeking Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success in IT

According to an article just published by, the Philadelphia area has "all of the ingredients to have the most successful region in the country," said Richard Caruso, chairman of Integra LifeSciences Corp. in Plainsboro, N.J. "We're lacking the recipe."

The article goes on to say that "future tech job growth could depend on a new effort to fund business ideas coming out of academia." With such strong acedemic institututions in the area, there's no lacking brainpower. It appears, we just need to tap into something deeper...our entrepreneurial spirit. Any takers?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday October 28, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,215 (3,187), +SAP 516 (456), +Microsoft 471 (492)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,629 (1,716), +SAP 130 (99), +Microsoft 447 (493)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 2,210(2,079), +SAP 368 (298), +Microsoft 474 (483)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,211 (1,221), +SAP 238 (250), +Microsoft 143 (157)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

IT Job Cuts Down and IT Certs Earn Workers Less

An article in ComputerWorld referencing newly released studies by Foote Partners, LLC, and Challenger, Gray & Christmas, says that IT job cuts are down from numbers reported this quarter in 2006, while certified IT workers are now earning less than non-certified IT workers, which is a first.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

3Q Wage Growth in IT Strong Again

The Yoh Index of Technology Wages reported a 5.79% improvement in September, when compared to the same months in 2006. According to Jim Lanzalotto, Vice President of Strategy & Marketing for Yoh, “Wage growth is strong, demand is increasing due to rapid advancements in technologies, and all leading indicators point to increased hiring in coming months." Yoh publishes its "Yoh Index of Technology Wages" each quarter.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday October 21, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,121 (3,201), +SAP 472 (457), +Microsoft 499 (485)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,706 (1,753), +SAP 86 (101), +Microsoft 486 (499)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 2,161 (2,006), +SAP 348 (261), +Microsoft 482 (485)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,246 (1,226), +SAP 234 (261), +Microsoft 148 (163)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Monday October 15, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,199 (3,225), +SAP 456 (477), +Microsoft 493 (488)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,716 (1,758), +SAP 108 (95), +Microsoft 498 (499)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 2,134 (1,958), +SAP 327 (233), +Microsoft 482 (489)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,209 (1,240), +SAP 248 (266), +Microsoft 159 (165)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Camden "...creating a high-tech cluster of businesses with high-paying jobs."

Just across the river, our sister city of Camden is incubating what we all hope will be a honeypot of high-paying IT jobs. The five-story tower of chrome and glass buzzing with activity two blocks from the Delaware River is the Waterfront Technology Center. It's been open for about 2 years now, is 60% occupied, and when fully leased, will accomodate nearly 400 workers. With rent, utilities, Internet access and other office expenses in the tech center running about 50 percent to 75 percent less than market value, its supporters (Rutgers and Drexel universities and state and federal governments) intend to nurture struggling startup companies with the hope that they expand nearby, creating more inner-city jobs.

More IT Workers to be Hired in 4Q 2007

Each quarter, the staffing firm Robert Half International surveys 200 CIOs in the Philadelphia region for their respective outlook on IT hiring. In their most recent survey, a net 7% increase in the number of CIOs who intend to be hiring workers in the 4th quarter was reported. Good news!

Innovation Philadelphia - New and Improved Online Presence

Innovation Philadelphia is an organization working hard to grow the technology and knowledge-based creative industry sectors of the Philadelphia economy. IP has recently re-launched it's website ( and re-designed its logo to exemplify "the strategic priorities Innovation Philadelphia announced with the launch of the organization's new mission and initiatives in April 2007." The new website "is focused on three initiatives which incorporates Innovation Philadelphia's mission to grow and increase jobs in the for-profit Creative Economy industries, attract and retain young professionals between the ages of 25-34 and to generate and gather innovative ideas that will define the Philadelphia region's economic future."

Read more about it here:

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Monday October 8, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,173 (3,220), +SAP 442 (499), +Microsoft 482 (491)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,689 (1,744), +SAP 103 (90), +Microsoft 492 (492)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 2,166 (1,892), +SAP 308 (204), +Microsoft 500 (488)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,194 (1,257), +SAP 249 (267), +Microsoft 155 (169)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Wednesday October 3, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,254 (3,209), +SAP 451 (520), +Microsoft 492 (497)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,754 (1,679), +SAP 97 (85), +Microsoft 497 (471)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,853 (1,902), +SAP 209 (199), +Microsoft 469 (493)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,233 (1,272), +SAP 268 (267), +Microsoft 164 (173)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Monday September 24, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,176 (3,205), +SAP 480 (523), +Microsoft 471 (511)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,854 (1,588), +SAP 94 (82), +Microsoft 509 (443)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,869 (1,921), +SAP 200 (203), +Microsoft 487 (495)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,268 (1,296), +SAP 278 (260), +Microsoft 172 (182)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MoMo-Ma - Philly Gone Mobile!

Anyone interested in the Philadelphia region's "upward mobility" ought to attend this Monday's inaugural "Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic" event at the Union League. The meeting kicks off at 6:45pm, and is expected to wrap up around 9. The event is FREE, and all are invited.

5 panelists will discuss mobile related initiatives in the region - from different perspectives, and then there will be time for Q&A, discussion and networking. This weeks panelists are:

• JP Finnell wrote the book on using mobile within the enterprise while at Nokia. If you are a Fortune 500 business thinking about how to incorporate mobile, JP will have some great insights.
• Rick Rasansky, is one of Philadelphia’s best entrepreneurs. ECal, one of his first tech companies played on the national stage during the Internet boom. His latest venture puts a unique twist on mobile payments and banking. Hear what Rick is up to and why.
• Derek Pew will talk to us on why he helped launch Wireless Philadelphia, one of the largest wi-fi hot spots in the world, and where he sees mobile broadband going.
• Greg Goldman is the first Chief Executive of Wireless Philadelphia. He will let us know about the social implications of this ground-breaking effort. Earthlink will field technical questions and let us know interesting tidbits on the installation.
• Jamie Drobile, a Philadelphia native and startup veteran in both venture funded firms and from within corporate entities will serve as meeting host. He now works at a venture capital firm with offices in the region.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Advice on Education and Career Paths

Here is a good Q&A for IT people that may have similar questions about their career in IT, education, etc: Career Watch: Advice on education and career paths.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Monday September 17, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,295 (3,174), +SAP 536 (515), +Microsoft 507 (520)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,733 (1,530), +SAP 86 (83), +Microsoft 496 (424)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,943 (1,795), +SAP 215 (194), +Microsoft 498 (468)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,264 (1,328), +SAP 268 (255), +Microsoft 168 (197)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Monday September 10, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,154 (3,180), +SAP 528 (517), +Microsoft 493 (521)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,635 (1,506), +SAP 83 (87), +Microsoft 467 (412)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,901 (1,793), +SAP 193 (196), +Microsoft 496 (467)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,262 (1,299), +SAP 255 (241), +Microsoft 173 (205)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Non-Profit IT Worker "Wage issue is a myth."

According to Stephanie Lessans Geller, a Johns Hopkins Institute researcher and one of the authors of the report, "The Nonprofit Workforce Crisis: Real Or Imagined?", the persistent perception that nonprofits pay less than for-profit organizations " a myth." In an Information Week article published this week entitled "Nonprofit Organizations Have Hard Time Finding Tech Talent", she reveals a number of statistics that reveal a difficult environment for nonprofits trying to hire IT talent.

According to the study, the perception of lower wages was named by 87% of nonprofits as a major reason in recruiting staff. The perception of the noncompetitive benefits packages was named as a major reason for recruitment difficulties by 65% of nonprofits. Finally, the perception that career advancement opportunities are limited at nonprofits was named as a major recruitment hurdle by 71% of nonprofits.

Here's an interesting place to start learning about non-profit organizations located in the Philadelphia area:

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Wednesday September 5, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,211 (3,158), +SAP 534 (518), +Microsoft 515 (511)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,493 (1,546), +SAP 76 (116), +Microsoft 411 (416)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,896 (1,682), +SAP 188 (196), +Microsoft 492 (440)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,295 (1,320), +SAP 266 (232), +Microsoft 179 (215)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday August 26, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,170 (3,146), +SAP 495 (530), +Microsoft 528 (506)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,489 (1,573), +SAP 84 ( 140), +Microsoft 397 (422)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,943 (1,566), +SAP 216 (188), +Microsoft 493 (412)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,364 (1,267), +SAP 251 (217), +Microsoft 209 (210)

Video Resumes Continue to Gain Traction

The idea of the "video resume" is catching on, and employers seem to be warming up to it. With YouTube as an obvious destination for hosting your video resume, now other specialized services like WorkBlast and JobMatchPro are coming online to carry the momentum forward into their business models. Even CareerBuilder has jumped into the fray with their own Video Resume service, and Monster is testing the waters in India. Here are some pros and cons and helpful tips for creating a video resume of your own:

For IT people in Philly looking for work, I think it is a wonderful differentiator (for now), as it gives you an opportunity to connect with your potential employer in a way a plain text resume just cannot.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday August 19, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,170 (3,147), +SAP 502 (546), +Microsoft 543 (494)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,502 (1,615), +SAP 90 (167), +Microsoft 419 (430)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,440 (1,576), +SAP 180 (190), +Microsoft 390 (407)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,389 (1,200), +SAP 246 (203), +Microsoft 228 (198)

Friday, August 17, 2007 Partners with Yahoo Advertising

This could create an interesting cocktail of conflicting interests for, the existing provider of online Job classified listings at, and the newly partnered Yahoo, whose HotJobs brand is working to boost it's own presence in the battle for online job-board supremecy. It was only July/August of 2006 when replaced as the engine behind its help-wanted ads for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.

The Future of Work

For an eye-opening glimpse at the future of work according to the Aug.20 edition of Business Week magazine, try getting through these two articles without a pang of anxiety:

Many new doors will be opening, as others close. What is undeniable, no matter which side of the swinging door you choose to position yourself, is that the pace of change in the workplace and it's associated complexities are continually increasing, creating unprecedented opportunities and challenges along the way. Do you know the way to your future?

Wages for IT Pros Remain Near Peak in 2007

According to the quarterly Yoh Index of Technology Wages, highly-skilled technology professionals continue to earn hourly wages that surpass those recorded in 2006, and are only very slightly behind record wages reported last quarter which were the highest since the index was created in 2001.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday August 12, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,178 (3,140), +SAP 535 (543), +Microsoft 497 (491)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,539 (1,646), +SAP 97 (186), +Microsoft 421 (440)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,894 (1,476), +SAP 200 (186), +Microsoft 494 (381)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,149 (1,256), +SAP 199 (214), +Microsoft 205 (196)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday August 5, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,123 (3,107), +SAP 538 (539), +Microsoft 476 (487)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,652 (1,636), +SAP 193 (170), +Microsoft 426 (454)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,452 (1,489), +SAP 187 (189), +Microsoft 383 (382)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,378 (1,245), +SAP 230 (216), +Microsoft 219 (189)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday July 29, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,114 (3,140), +SAP 546 (536), +Microsoft 506 (485)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,599 (1,674), +SAP 179 (180), +Microsoft 423 (471)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,478 (1,512), +SAP 186 (197), +Microsoft 381 (383)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,153 (1,279), +SAP 192 (226), +Microsoft 186 (186)

Gov. Rendell Initiative Invests in PA Tech

On July 26, The Department ofCommunity and Economic Development (DCED) said the commonwealth is investing$1.3 million to grow technology-based economic development in Pennsylvania. DCED Secretary Dennis Yablonskysaid. "By boosting the tech industry, our businesses will be able toprovide high-wage jobs and make the state's economy healthier." The funding, awarded by the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority, comes through Governor Edward G. Rendell's Keystone Innovation Zone program.

Let's hope some of this makes it's way to Philly!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Monday July 23, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,172(3,148), +SAP 564 (514), +Microsoft 498 (486)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,668(1,727), +SAP 197 (190), +Microsoft 448(490)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,479(1,532), +SAP 188 (206), +Microsoft 371(386)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,119 (1,326), +SAP 190(235), +Microsoft 180(185).

Monday, July 16, 2007

Technology Park in South Jersey Attracting Thousands of Jobs

Technology Park, a $500 million project that is s currently being built at Rowan University in Gloucester County is expected to be home to 25 to 70 new technology businesses and employ 1,500 to 2,500 workers. According to Tom Drury, chief executive officer of South Jersey Technology Park, "Over the last eight years or so, the university has acquired about 600 acres of property at the intersection of routes 322 and 55, a very convenient location about 20 miles outside of Center City, Philadelphia. The Technology Park is a portion of the 600 acres of property; about 180 acres. We have a plan for approximately 25 buildings and 1.5 million square feet of space to be built. The first of 25 buildings is under construction and about 60 percent complete."

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday July 15, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,149(3,164), +SAP 525 (507), +Microsoft 483 (497)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,663(1,720), +SAP 176 (202), +Microsoft 463(484)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,494(1,555), +SAP 182 (214), +Microsoft 388(388)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,373 (1,335), +SAP 242(232), +Microsoft 199(181).

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday July 8, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 2,994 (3,191), +SAP 519 (494), +Microsoft 460 (510)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,612 (1,731), +SAP 127 (219), +Microsoft 480 (480)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,505 (1,553), +SAP 199 (209), +Microsoft 386 (391)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,334 (1364), +SAP 239 (233), +Microsoft 189 (183).

Friday, July 6, 2007

YouTube for Recruiting IT Talent

Gestalt, a rapidly growing business and technology consulting firm with an office in King of Prussia, is featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer article describing ways recruiters are using to attract talent to their companies. Gestalt ran a contest within the company to see if employees could produce a winning employment video to be posted on Gestalt's employees produced more than a dozen videos. They were posted on YouTube and also distributed by e-mail to outside recruiting firms Gestalt uses. CEO Bill Loftus said "Bigger companies want to control the message, but the real image comes from what people really are, not what veneer the marketing department puts on a company." And this is certainly one way of doing it, and apparently, a very effective one!

In June, Gestalt was named the 14th fastest growing company in South Jersey.

According to the company's Career page, they are hiring IT positions such as: Program Manager, Project Manager, Technical Architecture, Developer, QA Associate

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Considered IT Consulting?

In this Computerworld article by Katherine Spencer Lee of Robert Half Technology, she outlines compelling reasons why now is the right time for experienced IT professionals to consider leaving behind the salary, and instead, pursue a career in IT consulting.

Admittedly, it is not for everyone, but it does make sense for people looking for a way to transition into retirement, have more flexibility with their time, or cash in on the premium employers may be willing to pay for talent that is increasingly harder to find.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday July 1, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: (Prior 4 weeks moving average in parantheses) Philadelphia Metro 3,246 (3,180), +SAP 536 (489), +Microsoft 499 (518)
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,751 (1,703), +SAP 220 (189), +Microsoft 491 (474)
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,570 (1,516), +SAP 218 (179), +Microsoft 387 (394)
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,288 (1,415), +SAP 234 (241), +Microsoft 176 (189)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

IT Jobs Moving Mid-State?

In a document entitled the "2007 Renaissance Report" released Wednesday June 27 by the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania, evidence was provided that Technology is creating jobs and new opportunities for young people in central Pennsylvania. The report states that private corporations and government have combined to invest more than $400 million in ongoing efforts to build up the region's technology and telecommunications infrastructure. And, eight major employers, among them Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and GlaxoSmithKline in Marietta, have created 1,341 high-tech jobs in the last two years, yet the midstate still has a shortage of at least 300 to 500 information technology professionals.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Raytheon Hiring IT for State College Location

Wednesday June 27, 3-7pm at the Scanticon Valley Forge Hotel and Conference Center at 1210 First Avenue in King of Prussia (19406), Raytheon is hosting a Career Fair with a strong emphasis on filling IT positions for their State College location. Positions they'll be recruiting for include Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, Software and Systems Engineers Managers, Oracle Database Engineers, Capture Managers, and Configuration Managers.

There are 31 State College jobs listed on the Raytheon - State College Jobs page, with the overwhelming majority of them IT related.

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday June 24, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: Philadelphia Metro 3,204, +SAP 477, +Microsoft 503
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,880, +SAP 238, +Microsoft 525
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,557, +SAP 225, +Microsoft 383
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,310, +SAP 225, +Microsoft 175.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shift Happens

I hereby reserve the right to occasionally digress on issues not DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY related to IT staffing in Philadelphia.

This is a fun one, and worth your attention. It was brought to my attention by an associate at ITAG (Innovative Technology Action Group) in Chester County, PA, which I have recently joined.

This video on is one that will re-boot, so to speak, your take on the new reality of our world, our role in it, the rising players and their impact, and what lays ahead. All from the perspective of the relentless exponentially increasing rate of technological advancement of which we are in the midst.

I happen to be just about to finish reading one of my favorite books "The Singularity is Near" by Ray Kurzweil and this video seems to have taken some of it's inspiration, and perhaps even some of it's information, directly from it. Anyone interested in how IT and the growing impact it is having on our lives ought to read it. For those in the business of IT, it ought to be required reading.

Monday, June 18, 2007

3 Philadelphia Companies Named to ComputerWorld Top 100 Best Places to Work in IT

All Mid-Atlantic companies in ComputerWorld's Top 100 can be seen here.

The three that are based in Philadelphia are:

#8.) The University of Pennsylvania (43 current openings in IT)

#67.) Temple University (14 current IT-related openings)

#90.) Aramark Corp (4 IT-related openings in PA)

Just outside Philadelphia, in Valley Forge, The Vanguard Group Inc. was listed at #60. There are more than 70 open positions on their Caree Search page with a handful of them being IT-related.

Consolidation in Solutions Providers Channel Coming to Philadelphia

Net@Work a leading provider of integrated business technology solutions based in New York, NY, today announced that it has acquired Werkflow, LLC, providers of network support services to small and midsize businesses across the greater New York City area.

Why do we care here in Philadelphia? Because soon, they are coming here. And hopefully, bringing jobs and continuing success with them. Stated at the bottom of this article in CRN online, according to Alex Solomon, Net@Work's co-president, their "strategy is to become branded as the best technology solution company in New York, New Jersey, Conecticut. And soon in Boston and Philadelphia."

On their Career Opportunities website, they have about 5 openings in IT.

Come on down! We look forward to your arrival.

Radnor Company Burning Up the Charts in BI

QlikTech, headquartered in Radnor PA, appears to be blazing it's own trail as the world’s leading provider of in-memory analysis and reporting solutions. Last month, it was identifed by Red Herring magazine as a top 100 winner for companies that are "promising startups that will lead the next wave of disruption and innovation". Prior winners include Google, Yahoo!, Skype, Netscape,, and YouTube. This is on top of a whole slew of other awards it won recently including one as a “Fast Track” innovator at the annual Software 2007 event in Santa Clara, CA, where it was described as one of the "25 most innovative players in the software industry" according to the Sand Hill Group.

QlikTech also just appointed a new Executive Director of Sales for a newly-established Western region in the US and opened up a new office in San Mateo in addition to the offices it already has in Philadelphia, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Scandinavia.

On the company's website, there is currently an opening for a Technical Consultant in Radnor.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday June 17, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: Philadelphia Metro 3,213, +SAP 496, +Microsoft 524
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,638, +SAP 222, +Microsoft 440
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,587, +SAP 215, +Microsoft 397
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,406, +SAP 231, +Microsoft 182.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

PA Career Guide for 2006-07 Shows IT Salaries Playing Catch-Up with National Averages

This is not breaking news, as the 2006-07 PA Career Guide was actually released this past December. However, its existance was just brought to my attention, and I think it might be useful for people in the IT community here to have a look. On page 35 of the Guide, you'll find results for the "Information and Communications Services" industry, which includes careers typically associated with IT. For example:

Systems Analysts: Expected Entry Level Wage=$45,460; PA Avg Wage=$66,580; US Avg Wage=$69,470; Openings Per Year=667

Computer Managers: Expected Entry Level Wage=$55,740; PA Avg Wage=$93,310; US Avg Wage=$100,110; Openings Per Year=558

Applications Engineers: Expected Entry Level Wage=$50,960; PA Avg Wage=$73,860; US Avg Wage=$78,570; Openings Per Year=484

Network Systems Administrators: Expected Entry Level Wage=$40,180; PA Avg Wage=$60,850; US Avg Wage=$62,300; Openings Per Year=380

Database Administrators: Expected Entry Level Wage=$36,880; PA Avg Wage=$60,130; US Avg Wage=$64,380; Openings Per Year=191

Other IT careers listed in the report include: Computer Support Specialists, Computer Programmers, Network Systems Analysts, Systems Engineers, Technical Writers, and Computer and Information Scientists.

The salaries in PA don't match up with the national averages, but according to commentary by Governor Rendell in today's Philadelphia Inquirer and the state unemployment figures released recently, unemployment is the lowest it's been in PA in 30 years, and more businesses are choosing to move here than ever before. This bodes well for salaries, and job openings, and hopefully, especially for those in IT.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Greater Philadelphia

At a special gala event to be held on Thursday night June 21, 2007 at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, the 21st annual Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year(R) 2007 Award in the Greater Philadelphia Area will be presented. President & CEO Tony Ibarguen of Alliance Consulting (Conshohocken, PA) is a finalist, selected from nearly 75 nominations by a panel of independent judges. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for you!

The local office of Alliance Consulting has 95 IT jobs listed on as of this moment.

Computerworld Achievement Award Finalist - Philadelphia Stock Exchange

At a gala last Monday night June 4th, the 19th annual Computerworld Honors Program announced the finalists and recipients of its 2007 21st Century Achievement Awards Program. In the category of Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, one of the 5 finalists was the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, identified as one of "...the most innovative organizations and people who use technology to promote positive social, economic and educational change," as described by Bob Carrigan, chairman of the Computerworld Honors Program Chairmen's Committee and president of IDG Communications.

As of this moment, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange has 10 open IT positions listed on it's Career Opportunities webpage, and 3 listed on it's webpage.

Sounds like it might be a good place to work huh? And, maybe get some useful stock and options trading advice while you're at it too!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Best Places to Work: Mid-Atlantic

Today on, free-lance writer Jennifer McAdams writes about 3 places to work in the Mid-Atlantic region that best exemplify the many reasons IT job hunters look for work here. Those sited in the article include The University of Pennsylvania with an IT head count of 281 people led by CIO Robin Beck, in addition to Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corp in Burlington, NJ and Ernst & Young presumably with multiple locations in the region. Some of the key descriptors of what makes these places special are their use of the most modern technologies, flexible work schedule, telecommuting, competitive salaries, rewarding project work, and quality-of-life with access to big city living and conveniences without the hassles of being in the thick of it.

3rd Quarter IT Hiring Survey Results

Robert Half Technology published it's 3rd quarter "IT Hiring Index and Skills Report" this week and in Philadelphia, we found good results, but not quite as good as a year ago. For the 3rd quarter of 2006, 16% of surveyed CIOs in the Philadelphia region planned to add IT staff, while 2% planned to cut IT staff. In this 3rd quarter survey for 2007, 18% planned to add IT staff, and 8% planned to cut IT staff. The difference being a net uptick of 14% in Q3 2006, with a slightly reduced 10% uptick forecasted for Q3 of 2007.

What has remained consistent though, is that the skillset most in demand is that of Windows Server Administrator, cited by 79% of executives polled for the Q3 survey in 2006, and the same percentage in Q3 in 2007.

Philadelphia lags the national numbers where 17% of CIOs foresee hiring IT staff and only 2% plan to cut back, for a net addition of 15%, compared to Philadelphia's net positive 10% for the quarter.

Despite the less than stellar increase, the bottom line is that Philadelphia is still hiring IT, aggressively.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Sunday June 10, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: Philadelphia Metro 3,100, +SAP 465, +Microsoft 513
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1,654, +SAP 195, +Microsoft 463
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1,498, +SAP 177, +Microsoft 395
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1,451, +SAP 243, +Microsoft 198.

Monday, June 4, 2007

"...tremendous need for technical assistance among arts and nonprofits."

Great article in today's Philadelphia Inquirer entitled "Doing their part to help the arts". In it, Karen Davis, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Arts and Business Council President says of the Technology Connector program "There has been a tremendous need for technical assistance among arts and nonprofits." and goes on to say that the work the volunteers do creates "...a tremendous ripple effect.".

I can whole-heartedly endorse all the goodness expounded in this article, as I am an active volunteer with the Technology Connector program, and a recipient of the 2005 Volunteer of the Year Award.

For IT people in the Philadelphia region, I cannot imagine a more rewarding way of getting involved in the arts community, while building lasting business and personal relationships, and gaining invaluable technical and business experience and skills. It is a wonderful program that is one of those rare WIN-WIN-WIN scenarios for all involved.

For IT people who desire an enormously fulfilling way to apply their highly valuable, sought-after skills, outside the traditional 9-to-5 grind, the Arts and Business Council is a fantastic vehicle.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Metrics - Philly IT Jobs

As of Friday June 1, 2007, these major career websites had the following number of IT jobs posted: Philadelphia Metro 3204, +SAP 516, +Microsoft 531
CareerBuilder: Philadelphia Metro 1639, +SAP 99, +Microsoft 468
Monster: Philadelphia Metro 1422, +SAP 98, +Microsoft 400
HotJobs: Philadelphia Metro 1491, +SAP 263, +Microsoft 201

I will be attempting to run these searches weekly, and develop a 4 week moving average for comparison.

First Entry - What to Expect Here

Today, the first day of June 2007, I've decided to test the waters of the blogosphere. As President of MyOwnITGuy, Inc. - "The IT Staffing Company", I'll be writing almost exclusively about IT staffing issues, trends, statistics, and tidbits impacting the Philadelphia region. My intended audience is made up of company executives, hiring managers, IT industry followers, regional planners, educators, staffing professionals and the almighty knowledge worker him/herself. Enjoy, and check back often! Best wishes, Cliff