Friday, July 6, 2007

YouTube for Recruiting IT Talent

Gestalt, a rapidly growing business and technology consulting firm with an office in King of Prussia, is featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer article describing ways recruiters are using to attract talent to their companies. Gestalt ran a contest within the company to see if employees could produce a winning employment video to be posted on Gestalt's employees produced more than a dozen videos. They were posted on YouTube and also distributed by e-mail to outside recruiting firms Gestalt uses. CEO Bill Loftus said "Bigger companies want to control the message, but the real image comes from what people really are, not what veneer the marketing department puts on a company." And this is certainly one way of doing it, and apparently, a very effective one!

In June, Gestalt was named the 14th fastest growing company in South Jersey.

According to the company's Career page, they are hiring IT positions such as: Program Manager, Project Manager, Technical Architecture, Developer, QA Associate

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