Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Computerworld Achievement Award Finalist - Philadelphia Stock Exchange

At a gala last Monday night June 4th, the 19th annual Computerworld Honors Program announced the finalists and recipients of its 2007 21st Century Achievement Awards Program. In the category of Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, one of the 5 finalists was the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, identified as one of "...the most innovative organizations and people who use technology to promote positive social, economic and educational change," as described by Bob Carrigan, chairman of the Computerworld Honors Program Chairmen's Committee and president of IDG Communications.

As of this moment, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange has 10 open IT positions listed on it's Career Opportunities webpage, and 3 listed on it's webpage.

Sounds like it might be a good place to work huh? And, maybe get some useful stock and options trading advice while you're at it too!

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