Thursday, June 14, 2007

PA Career Guide for 2006-07 Shows IT Salaries Playing Catch-Up with National Averages

This is not breaking news, as the 2006-07 PA Career Guide was actually released this past December. However, its existance was just brought to my attention, and I think it might be useful for people in the IT community here to have a look. On page 35 of the Guide, you'll find results for the "Information and Communications Services" industry, which includes careers typically associated with IT. For example:

Systems Analysts: Expected Entry Level Wage=$45,460; PA Avg Wage=$66,580; US Avg Wage=$69,470; Openings Per Year=667

Computer Managers: Expected Entry Level Wage=$55,740; PA Avg Wage=$93,310; US Avg Wage=$100,110; Openings Per Year=558

Applications Engineers: Expected Entry Level Wage=$50,960; PA Avg Wage=$73,860; US Avg Wage=$78,570; Openings Per Year=484

Network Systems Administrators: Expected Entry Level Wage=$40,180; PA Avg Wage=$60,850; US Avg Wage=$62,300; Openings Per Year=380

Database Administrators: Expected Entry Level Wage=$36,880; PA Avg Wage=$60,130; US Avg Wage=$64,380; Openings Per Year=191

Other IT careers listed in the report include: Computer Support Specialists, Computer Programmers, Network Systems Analysts, Systems Engineers, Technical Writers, and Computer and Information Scientists.

The salaries in PA don't match up with the national averages, but according to commentary by Governor Rendell in today's Philadelphia Inquirer and the state unemployment figures released recently, unemployment is the lowest it's been in PA in 30 years, and more businesses are choosing to move here than ever before. This bodes well for salaries, and job openings, and hopefully, especially for those in IT.

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